My entire soul and life is devoted to nature and wildlife.


We are getting more and more urbanized and as a result distanced from the wild world.
And it is more important than ever to focus and evoke interests of the wonders of our planets biodiversity.


As a photographer and writer I want to enlighten the wonders of nature: natural adaptations - intricate behaviours - the beauty of our fellow living organisms.


I want to promote ecotourism - often the only real nature conservation.


The strongest issue for me as a photographer and writer is to make nature easy to embrace and exciting to understand.


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Born 1957. Photographer, writer and traveller. 

In 2014 I became an elected member of the Swedish Nature Photographers association and I have been teaching photography since 2001.

Today perhaps Sweden's most published author of nature books. My first book "In the Arabian deserts" received the "Panda book of the year" in 2000 by WWF. My sound module book -  Birdsong - is Sweden's most sold nature book ever, in total more than 700 000 copies in Sweden, Finland and Norway together. The book is now translated into nine different languages. The subsequent book "Sounds of the Wild " also became a major success. It is also published in Norway and Finland and is currently translated into five languages. I have also written books like "Bird travelling", "Listen to the animals", "Animals in the world", "Swedish birds - a fieldguide for everybody" and "Birds in Sweden and the Nordic countries".

Well published in papers and magazines with articles about  animals and nature. I also give presentations / talks for wide audiences, and have been working as a Nature Reserve ranger and guide in Sweden's Nature Reserves.

I have led nature and nature-photography tours for more than 30 years all over the world and thereby working with most of Sweden's big tour operators and considered a highly recognized and acknowleged tour leader, guide and nature photo-guide. I have also designed / produced tours and educated new tourleaders. Eco-tourism is one of my major concerns.

Together with fellow photographer, Henrik Karlsson, I am founder of the photo project: "Wild Nordic", as well as the travel agency for nature-photographers: Wild Nature photo tours (in Swedish: Wild nature fotoresor).