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Time to fly again. Now to Borneo and this time lightweight with only the fantastic Nikon D810 around the neck. It so good I actually left the D4s at home this time.
By the way - the one on the image . is a white-backed vulture from Hwange/Zimbabwe.

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I gave a fully packed lecture, about mainly bird photography, last wednesday for Lidingö Photo-club one of the Swedens most active clubs. Lovely audience! And the big shop of Scandinavian Photo was filled to the brim. Image copyright Helen Quarfot. 

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Friday was last day in Hwange, Zimbabwe - and this was the second last image. Home again I already miss the light and the incredible abundance of animals during the rain-season. Now it is time to pack for Borneo which is coming up in just a few days.

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Lion getting ready for the night-hunt under an approaching thunderstorm in Hwange NP, Zimbabwe. Day before yesterday. Im now working with the Nikon D810 together with my D4s and the D810 is just amazing! The image is shot on 10 000 ISO! 
Henrik Karlsson/N wildlife photographer and myself are now sponsored by Nikon and the D810 is a part of a promising cooperation.

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