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The elegant black tern is landing. I have now for some weeks been shooting in wetlands and in my surroundings in Sweden, some of the images are on the gallery "wetlands in Sweden" here on my website

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This Blacbird male hold his "grounds" right outside my balcony. He is very recognizable for the streaks of light feathers on the belly - but mostly for his song.Beside the normal song he sings melodically a few notes in long syllables. I love his particularly song.
More birds on my webside bird portfolio: http://www.janpedersen.se/portfolios/birds-16752498


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My new little book about - birdsong around your house - has been out for some months now and is doing quite well. Despite the total dominans on this field by my own Birdsong (Fågelsång). This new book has a key for identifying birdsong so you more easily can find it on the included CD. Images and sounds took me quite a while while to "shoot" and record.
see more about my books on my webpage under "published":



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Black grouse lekking or rather fighting. Can be quite violent some times with lots of loose feathers. I shot this image exactly a year ago in Kuusamo by Olli Lamminsalo ! Great place ! If you want to se more of my bird-images  have a look on this webpage at : http://www.janpedersen.se/portfolios/birds-16752498

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The twilight zone is long now. Birdsong everywhere and mosquitoes are multiplying exponentially. Here a Sedge Warbler singing after sunset.

see more at the Swedish wetland gallery (and the other galleries):

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From last night - crane after sunset, in the blue hour.
Images should more often convey a sense rather than just depicting the object straight away. The life in nature is at the most rapid speed right at the moment.

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I love Norway! The enthusiasm and the spirit is marvelous here. 7 interviews today about my book "Birdsong" and finishing with an interview in the prime channel for the prime news. Lovely talk and well prepared news presenter. If you understand Scandinavian - scroll to the 28th minute at the link under:

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My first homepage was very "flashy" - it was actually written in flash hence very slow on a slow internet-connection. Many readers outside "broadband-countries" couldn't read it. My blog was on Tumblr. Sleak, smooth and simple - working fine.


The second homepage never got fully  fledged. The blog was now included. It was in Wordpress and for me: To much clicking and handling, understanding funny codes and reading long and boring instructions - so it went to the rubbish dump as well.


This is the third attempt - and the work proces is looking promising.................... 

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