When I grew up in Denmark the Arctic was my dream. The landscapes with their magic lights, and the fauna and the indigenous peoples were so tantalizing that I thought I would become an Arctic photographer. But instead the damp and dark environments of the world’s rainforests took over. It had to last, with some few visits to Greenland and Alaska, until the summer 2014 before I gave it a serious photographic attempt for the ongoing "Wild Nordic" photo-project. Here are the results from the high Arctic archipelago of Svalbard.

JP_69529 JP_68490 JP_69776 JP_68532 JP_68792 JP_68794 JP_68804 JP_69919_25 JP_68681 JP_68674 JP_68772 JP_68820 JP_68785 JP_68743 JP_68868 JP_68891 JP_68952 JP_68981 JP_69010 JP_69027 JP_69035 JP_69055 JP_69084 JP_69108 JP_69123 JP_69137 JP_69179 JP_69253 JP_69273 JP_69275 JP_69283 JP_69289 JP_69293 JP_69310 JP_69487 JP_69412 JP_69373 JP_69605 JP_69645 JP_69664 JP_69713 JP_69739 JP_69820 JP_69831 JP_68673

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